Welcome to Hope & Glory

Monday, July 4, 2016 - 18:30

From the  frozen wastes of Europe, where the mammoth roam, to the proud Zulu Nation of Africa, from the technological wonders of the Anglo-Indian Raj to the mist-shrouded shores of Lost America, these are the stories of a new, strange world.

Welcome to Hope & Glory

Hope & Glory is the new Savage Setting of scientific romance, adventure and intrigue in a post-apocalyptic world.
Set in a diverse, multicultural world with a complex, coherent history, and a fully developed post-Victorian society, Hope & Glory was designed from the bottom up as "not last year's steampunk setting."
Drawing inspiration from the seminal scientific romances of George Griffith and Albert Robida, George Wells and Jules Verne... from the adventure stories of Talbot Mundy and Harold Lamb... from the literature, art and music of the steampunk community... Hope & Glory is a new world to explore.

The Old World is gone forever with the Catastrophe, and the survivors of the Thirty Years Winter have built a new civilization. Science is a bright light showing the way to the future: there are maps to be drawn, wonders to be discovered, perils to be faced.
Welcome to Hope & Glory.

Meet the Team

Davide Mana - main designer
Davide is a paleontologist by day and a writer by night. For this project, he has put together his passion for science and science fiction, Victoriana, history and exotic adventure, and his long-standing interest in Orientalism and non-Western cultures, to create "a new, and different game setting".

Umberto Pignatelli - system guru
Umberto is the author of the fan-favorite Beasts & Barbarians setting for Savage Worlds, and one of the most prolific and respected game designers in Europe. His skill and expertise have been harnessed to power the vision behind the Hope & Glory game setting.

Angelo Montanini - artist
A legendary fantasy illustrator, Angelo is a design teacher with the European Design Institute in Milan, and is considered the foremost Tolkien artist in Italy. For Hope & Glory, Angelo has worked with Davide in defining the look & feel of the setting, creating a world like no other.

Alberto Bontempi - artist
A brilliant artist, whose work has been featured in many games, including the Deathwatch series by Fantasy Flight Games and Accursed by Melior Via, Alberto will be the main illustrator for the Hope & Glory project; his digital paintings will grace the pages and covers of the setting books.

Things to Come

The team is hard at work as the release date of the first Hope & Glory title draws near.
Watch this space for weekly updates, behind the scenes and announcements.
The next six months will be very exciting for all of us - and hopefully, for you too!