Roman Relics - A ShowDown Scenario has been released

Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 16:45


“We only need a quick search around the eastern ruins.
The map is clear! What could possibly go wrong?”


A Showdown scenario set in the Macabre Renaissance of Ultima Forsan By Giuseppe Rotondo and Mauro Longo

An ancient map points at a valuable relic, hidden somewhere in the outskirts of Rome, one of the vastest Cities of Sorrow. The heroes only need to recover it to make an easy profit!


This scenario is intended for two players. One plays the heroes daring the ruins in search of the relic, while the other plays the Dead and the dangers of the City of Sorrow. No GM is required. The last section explains how to play this scenario with a different number of players and in different ways.

In order to play this scenario you need:

  • A gaming area of about 24 to 36” per side.
  • The figure flats included in Ultima Forsan Set One: Characters, including the bonus file figures.
  • 6 to 10 scenery pieces such as trees, buildings and ruins.
  • The 6 tokens that you can find at the end of the scenario.
  • The usual Showdown dice and action cards.