Hope & Glory - a fashion-conscious setting

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 18:30

Autumn is here and it is time to start talking about Hope & Glory again.




Hope & Glory began its life (when it was still called "Grayworld Project") as "not our grandfathers' steampunk setting". We wanted something new, and fresh, and challenging.

Now, steampunk culture started as a literary genre - and we certainly covered the basics by going back to the old original Victorian stories for inspiration - but soon acquired a true multimedia/transmedia flavour: music, crafts, games (of course), technology, art and fashion.
Indeed, Steampunk cosplayers represent today the most visible, colourful and often exciting aspect of steampunk.

And yet, the old joke "steampunk happens when Goths discover the colour brown" was getting stale - and so we decided that our setting would be visually striking and fashion-conscious.

"We want to give new ideas to the cosplayers!" we joked.

And we struck gold when Angelo Montanini joined the creative team; not only a renowned fantasy illustrator with a strong background in gaming (and Italy's paramount Tolkien artist), Angelo is also a specialist in fashion design and teaches the subject at the European School of Design in Milan. Really he is the best possible choice for developing the look of our characters.


In the next weeks, I'll show you some of Angelo's creations, and I'll talk with him about what influences and what concepts stimulated his vision.

Stay tuned.


Davide Mana

Main designer and developer

Hope & Glory Project