A first glimpse of Glass Houses

Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 18:30

As a writer, seeing my ideas translated into images is one of the most exciting and illuminating aspects of this job.
With Hope & Glory I'm lucky enough to work with Angelo and Alberto - and being graphically hopeless, I am in absolute awe of their skills.

Not only their artwork has brought to life the scenes and the characters I have described in my stories and in my articles for the game.
The real magic comes from the fact that they have shown me things I did not know were there when I wrote, and that I realized only after seeing those scenes painted.

So, why not share some of the art with you out there, while we wait for the books to come out?
Here's Alberto Bontempi's first sketch for Glass Houses, a short story set in the Hope & Glory universe.

Awesome, isn't it?
And there's more to come.

Davide Mana
Asti, Italy