Hope & Glory - Tai Pan

Tai Pan/Sky Captain

The Tai Pan is the merchant/adventurer of the Hope & Glory universe.
Paying lip service to the East India Company, the Tai Pan is actually his own master. Part explorer, part enterpreneur, part smuggler, with a dash of the pirate, the Tai Pan is always on the lookout for a profit and a new market, for a new berth for his airship and a new adventure.
And here we have him, in all his Oriental glory and swashbuckling bravado.


Hope & Glory - Proper Neanderthal

Civilized Neanderthal

For reasons long to explain (the author said), there are Neanderthal characters in "Hope and Glory".
They live in the frozen wastes that once were Europe, where they hunt the mammoth and live a life that's nasty, brutish and short.
But as today's picture (By the excellent Alberto Bontempi) shows, some of them have found the arms of civilization particularly welcoming...

Civilized Neandrthal



Glass Houses

Glass Houses

Glass Houses, the first novel for the new Hope&Glory Savage Worlds setting, is finally released!

Attached to the novel there's a roundup of gaming information for those readers that would like to start playing straight away.


Hope&Glory - Glass Houses



Hope & Glory: a chat with Angelo Montanini

Angelo Montanini - Hope & Glory - Character Concept 1

For any roleplaying game, graphics are a paramount factor, and in Hope & Glory images are an essential element in defining many of the different cultures in our gaming world. In this sense, were have on our side the contribution of Angelo Montanini, that did not simply illustrate some basic concepts, but actively created and gave form to many visual aspects of our setting.

We start today a light chat with Angelo, to find out a little more about fashion, fantasy, steampunk and inspiration, and how this led to the striking visuals he created for Hope & Glory.



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